Why Students Choose to Come to Dalhousie University to Become Entrepreneurs and Graduates Stay in Halifax to Launch Their Businesses

Dalhousie University’s Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship is home for two real movers and shakers: Dr. Ed Leach, the Director, and Dr. Mary Kilfoil, the Academic Lead. Ed and Mary have created a collaborative space for students from all faculties to grow as entrepreneurs and innovators. With their Launch Dal programming, Ed and Mary have given students the tools they need to successfully launch businesses.

Dr. Mary Kilfoil at the 2014 Startup Canada Awards Ceremony

Dr. Mary Kilfoil at the 2014 Startup Canada Awards Ceremony

Ed and Mary have hosted and organized a multitude of events for student entrepreneurs: Democamp, Pitch 101, Startup Weekends, and of course, Canada’s Business Model Competition. In addition, their industry leading course, Starting Lean, has received national recognition with Dr. Mary Kilfoil receiving Start Up Canada’s Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year Award in 2014!

However, Ed and Mary will be the first to tell you, it’s not about them, it’s about the students and what they are able to achieve.
I sat down with two of their past students to learn about their experience with entrepreneurship at Dal and the business model canvas. Both of them have graduated and are making their way as entrepreneurs in Halifax! Click below to read about their stories:

Megan McCarthy: An Entrepreneur who Came from Away and Chose to Stay in Halifax

Callum Mayer: An Entrepreneur who Grew up in the Maritimes and Chooses to Stay in Halifax