Best Casinos in Canada

The largest number of educated people lives in Canada. And what is the favorite pastime of these learned men and women? You will be amazed to know that the Canadian economy literally seems to run on the revenues that it earns from the gambling industry. Yes, that’s a whopping $15 billion. The credit, however, goes to the best casino in Canada. Here is all you need to know about the great Canadian casinos.

Canada’s Five Biggest Casino Venues

The great Canadian casino is happening enough to enliven your spirits and make your nightlife memorable for a lifetime. Here is a list of the five best casinos in Canada that are sure enough to blow your mind with their awesome presentation and game selection.

  1. Casino Niagara, Ontario: with an exotic location, this casino resort that was built up in December of 1996 has an exemplary selection of 13 slot games and 30 tables meant for gambling. It is indeed one of the best casinos in Canada. You can also dine in one of the four amazing restaurants that this casino has an offer while trying on your favorite casino games. However, slot variation is not as big as you can find in online casinos, and there are no bonuses like players can get online from


  1. Casino De Montreal, Quebec: situated in the banks of Notre dame, this casino has already won the accolade of being one of the world’s largest casinos, and of course the largest in Canada. It keeps busy all day with daily traffic of 18000 people on an average. Anyone who is above 18 years of age can one or more of their 100 gaming tables with the mouthwatering food on serve.


  1. Caesars Windsor Hotel And Casino, Ontario: this hotel cum casino manages a 14 tables poker room, and has been voted the biggest Canada casino for the longest period of time.


  1. Casino Rama Resort, Ontario: 20 years of successful running, 8 restaurants, 25000 slot machines, and 110 gaming tables. Need we say anything more about it? this casino can easily beat the game selection of an online casino site but for the no deposit bonus.


  1. River Cree Resort and Casino, Alberta: this one is the first of its kind in Alberta and offers a casino card to its regular customers. With all sorts of casino games from poker to blackjack, crabs, and slot games, this largest casino of Alberta allows its customers to become a member for free.

Another casino that is also worth the visit is, where you can learn how to receive no deposit bonuses and play your favorite casino games from the comfort of your home.

Tune into Adventure Lifetime Worth Bucket list

Forget gambling, these best casinos in Canada are worth visiting once in a lifetime even if you are not into the games of roulette and baccarat. The reason being the spectacular locations and stunning interior decorations of the casino resorts. Other than that these casinos offer a great spread of platter of food from the world-class chefs and also most of them have the provision of live music and entertainment, where you can see the world-class artists performing. And of course, we cannot rule out the part of the chance of winning real money.