Canada’s Business Model Competition 2016

Tentative Event Schedule 


2:30PM Registration and Welcome (Rowe Atrium )

3:30PM Ice-Breakers (Room 1020)

4:30PM Orientation (Room 1020)

6:00PM Networking and Dinner (Room 1020)

7:00PM Finals Judge Training (TBD)

7:00PM Mentoring and Team Practice (Various Rooms)

10:00PM Break for the Night (Day 1 complete!)


8:00AM Check-in and Breakfast (Rowe Atrium)

8:00AM Semi-Finals Judge Training (Various Rooms)

9:00AM Semi-Finals (Various Rooms)

12:00PM Semi-Finals Juding (Various Rooms)

12:00PM Lunch and Networking (Rowe Atrium)

12:30PM Final Teams Announced (Room 1020)

1:00PM Final Teams Preparation (Room TBD)

1:00PM Non-Finalist Team Event (Room TBD)

2:00PM Final Judging (Room 1020)

4:30PM Closing Ceremony (Room 1020)

5:00PM After Party (University Club)